WiMoSpeed bientôt dispo! Overclock stable jusqu'à 750Mhz!

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WiMoSpeed bientôt dispo! Overclock stable jusqu'à 750Mhz!

Message par tortel le Jeu 6 Jan 2011 - 21:57

Voici un appli qui donnera un petit coup de jeune à nos chers Diamond.

Il s'agit d'un soft qui permet d'overclocker les processeurs de marque et de type Qualcomm MSM7200. D'après ce que je comprends il joue sur le multiplicateur pour modifier la fréquence. Le seul hic (pour le moment) c'est que le soft a besoin d'infos spécifiques à chaque appareil et à chaque rom (OEMXIP). C'est pourquoi la compatibilité se fait petit à petit.

Soyons (un peu) patient, l'arrivée sur le Diamond est prévue! Cela ne nous empêche pas d'aller mettre un peu la pression sur l'équipe pour que l'on passe devant le Touch Pro! Twisted Evil

- Overclocking your cpu may damage your device.
- Before autostarting the app be sure that your device will not hang.
- backup is always recommended !!

WiMoSpeed lets you change the CPU-speed. In opposite to other tools, even to the predecessor OverClockTool (OCT), it manipulates the values WM uses for clock control. So it works reliable on battery and AC without any scripting or active components.

- Download and install the CAB
- Start WiMoSpeed.exe. If it reports that it cannot identify your ROM: post here
- Select Speed
- Set Speed
- If desired create link (in installation directory) with actual settings
- Exit WiMoSpeed.exe
- Your device still runs with speed you set

I am working on this in my spare time, beside my job, my mate and some other interest. I own a Rhodium-device only, so I can not reproduce errors on other devices and debugging is very difficult and time-consuming. Be patient.

WiMoSpeed supports Qualcomm MSM7200 (and compatible) and is actually limited to ROMs of

* Rhodium,
* RhodiumW
* Topaz
* Blackstone
* Whitestone / Imagio

I took all shipped roms I could get and included the information into WiMoSpeed.

!!! If you have a device listed above and WiMoSpeed could not identify your ROM please post here what part of your ROM WiMoSpeed couldn't identify (OEMXIP and / or RADIO-ROM) and include a download-link of your ROM (OS, RADIO) !!! Otherwise I will ignore your post. Thank you.

Basically WiMoSpeed is hardware-independent, because it lets WM change clock speed. But I couldn't get WM to switch the clock reliable on request so WiMoSpeed had to switch the clock registers itself on setting a new speed.
Therefore WiMoSpeed depends on CPU-hardware, RADIO- and OS-ROM.

Raising or lowering cpu speed didn't change battery drain or device temperature noticeable. So there isn't dynamic clocking in WiMoSpeed, but WM is still controlling and changing cpu-speed on battery.

thanks to
-all donators for the support
-eboelzner for Sense UI SDK
-dmvandijk for the icon
-the internet


* support for Raphael / Fuze
* support for Diamond

Support for

* non-HTC MSM7200/7201
* non-MSM7200/7201

devices is uncertain.

Please do not mirror WiMoSpeed !

Version 1.03
- blackstone problem (speed cut in half after sleep) should be solved
- added support for more ROMs
- changes in GUI (you have to create your links again; old ones starts the GUI only)

Version 1.02
- added support for more devices
- added support for more ROMs

Version 1.01
- added support for more OS-ROMs
- added support for more radio-ROM
- new function: restore default speed (528 MHz)

Version 1.00
- Initial release
- Rhodium, RhodiumW

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Re: WiMoSpeed bientôt dispo! Overclock stable jusqu'à 750Mhz!

Message par Quoler le Jeu 6 Jan 2011 - 22:46

tu as ouvert le même sujet ici

je ferme celui ci


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